Governer Dannel P. Malloy isn’t horsing around about a new law to protect owners of domesticated horses from recent court rulings, by making it clear in state statute that the animals "do not possess a naturally mischievous or vicious propensity."

Malloy introduced the legislation earlier this year in response to rulings by the state Appellate Court and Supreme Court, which in practice may have increased the insurance rates for horse owners and handlers, according to a press release. It also could have caused financial hardship for horse owners and farmers across the state.  The bill was adopted unanimously in the House and the Senate.

“Greenwich, Connecticut and the surrounding area has a large population of horse owners and handlers, and as such, I’m happy to sign this legislation, so that we can ensure their operations can continue without possible negative consequences,” said Malloy. “I am proud of Connecticut’s growing agricultural sector, and I remain committed to the growth of this industry and to the hard working farm families of Connecticut.”