2013 was a strong sellers market in the Greenwich back-country but this year homeowners are seeing the number of sales decline, more homes hitting the market, and houses have been sitting on the market (days on market) for a longer period of time.

What are the official numbers from Real Living Five Corners?  Days on Market an average of 295 days which is up from 2013 where we saw an average of approximately 200 days.

According to local agents buyers are expecting a lot more from homes in the back country because there is a large inventory to chose from.

We have 150 homes on the market currently which compares to only 120 last year.  It is a conundrum because the strength of last year added to more homeowners listing their own homes this year, said Jonathan Lerner, Broker/Owner of Five Corners Properties.


Still the numbers are excellent with over 60 homes sold in 2013 which was up 50% from 2012 and significantly stronger than the housing bubble burst back in 2007/2008. 


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