Looking for the coolest spot in town to catch a movie, we sent our secret social agents out to check out the Prospector Theater in Ridgefield, where HamletHub is a sponsor.

They opened a few months ago back in November 2014.   The building is super large, i.e. spacious with tons of natural light.  It has a licensed 'Star Bar', 'Heads Up Cafe' - where several kinds of fresh and naturally flavored popcorn are made daily, and four state-of-the art movie theaters.

The interior is cool, with dramatic artwork, sparkling wallpaper and a running theme of shocking pink all over.

Snack Bar at the Prospector


What makes the place even better is that the Prospector Theater is a non-profit theater, providing meaningful employment for adults with disabilities. The Founder, Valerie Jensen, whose fuchsia pink hair is testament to her passion and dedication. She mentioned that 80% of adults with disabilities were unemployed and that shocking statistic had made it her mission to change this.

The theater not only employs people with disabilities but also caters for visitors with special needs. The attention to detail is absolutely staggering - a colorful mosaic wall is so much more, having been created by a local Ridgefield artist to provide stimulation for people with autism. The seating has been carefully considered, so an able bodied person can sit next to their friend of family in a wheelchair. The largest theater has 162 seats, and the smallest only 16 seats – ideal for people with sensory issues, who may not be able to enjoy a movie in the larger theaters. The theater have closed-captioning glasses, which provide subtitles and high-quality headphones, which stream dialogue and provide descriptions of scenery, environment, etc.

Every single item in the theater has been carefully considered, with positive messages running throughout. A striking chandelier, created by Philadelphia artist Warren Muller is made from re-purposed materials, using what some would consider to be "junk". His artwork, reenforces the strong ethos of the theater - don't automatically disregard something and instead see its potential. On the theaters website it says: "When people are offered meaningful employment and are recognized for their abilities and talents, they shine just like the pieces of our chandelier." The pink sparkling wallpaper encourages people to "sparkle, shine and turn their passions into professions".


And for moviegoers, it is all about YOUR experience - from the moment a 'Prospector' member of staff opens the front door.  Go and see for yourself, but hurry because NBC CT is filming there next week - it is about to go national