Selling a property, yours or someone else's, can be quite challenging by times.  Market trends, the economy, property flaws, etc., are all things that can work against you.  Try these three things to help you make the sale process a smoother and more enjoyable experience...


# 1: Lower the property taxes


As I have written in the past, lowering the property taxes on a property will automatically increase the value of that property, and make it more desirable to perspective buyers.  If you own a property, or are in contract to purchase a property, New York State law provides that you can grieve your property taxes. Buyers like seeing that the seller is proactively lowering the taxes, as it makes the buyer's life much easier once they become the new owner.


# 2: Have an inspection done


Any buyer today is going to hire a professional to inspect the property for "defects" and environmental hazards, and then they will turn to the seller to cure any issues, or give them a credit at closing so they can cure them.  You may as well hire an inspector and have your own inspection done beforehand.  An inspection will cost you a few hundred dollars, but by doing so, you are being proactive, and helping yourself avoid the headache of dealing with these inevitable issues later.  

#3: Order a title report

Any lender today will require title insurance on a property before they agree to lend money for a purchase.  Title insurance ensures the property is being transferred to the new owner free of any liens.  It's a good idea to have a title company generate a title report on your property so that you can see exactly what kinds of, and how many, liens exist against your property.  As an attorney, I have seen many instances where a closing is significantly delayed, and sometimes even cancelled, as a result of excessive or hard to clear liens.  The liens could be yours, or a prior owner's that are still showing up on public record for some reason.  As the seller, if you know what liens are outstanding, you can work to clear them before you even find your buyer.  It could save you significant time and headache later.